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Olivero Bland Studio was stablished in the creative District of Guatemala, Cuatro Grados Norte in 2003, by Juan Olivero, Thomas Bland, and Diego Olivero. The Studio works with architects, industrial and interior designers as well as urban planners which are the basic elements for the successfull development of our projects.

The studio offers services in Architecture, Urban Development, Interior and Industrial Design offering key turn solutions for the corporate, residential, comercial and hospitality projects.

The studio has worked and collaborated in diferent projects in Guatemala, United States, Brasil, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, and is always looking to generate a positive impact in the communties where the projects are located.


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Our Services

Concept Development

Our team of creative professionals works directly with our clientes to develop innovative concepts that will be successful and have a positive impact in its surroundings.







Workspace Design

We strategically help organizations deliver environments that empower people, work, wellness and performance, .



We know that we will only create a better kind of architecture by being a better kind of practice. 

Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and those of the market to create beautifully design and profitable projects. 



Residential Design

Our of team of experienced architects will work directly with our customers to understand their lifestyle, based on this we will create outstanding spaces to enhance the living experiences. 


Retail Design

Understanding your business is our principle to create strategic design for the retail industry. 

Our Knowledge and experience will bring creative and efficient solutions to any retail design project. 





Hospitality Design

Our experience with Luxury Hospitality Design will bring to table creative solutions for the industry with a strong approach to operations efficiency. 





Commercial Design

Creating unique experiences for the comercial design is our expertise.We use creative thinking techniques to deliver exceptional results for the Restaurant Industry in Central America.




Project Management

We offer Project Management services for the commercial and residential projects. Our team of architects, constructors and parters will deliver organised project planning and development, to turn key solutions. 






press & awards


Domus Magazine - Industrial Design

Habitart - Cuatro Venezia

Domus Magazine - Xoom

Chaotic Market We Heart 




DANTA "XOOM by Paypal" Rehabilitation of Patrimonial Buildings  2017

ASODI Best Interior Design Firm in Guatemala Under 40's             2017 

CEMEX - Cuatro Venezia - Special Price - Sustainable Construction 2017 


THE most important Value

Our Team

Diego Olivero Head Designer.jpg

Diego Olivero | Founder Manager & Head of  Design


Diego Olivero, founder and head of design, has great experience in the design and understanding of commercial, corporate and hospitality projects, innovating and creating unique experiences for users and operators.

As director of interior design within the studio, Diego has worked and collaborated in both national and international projects delivering exceptional and successful results.

Diego Olivero completed his studies of Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL. From there Diego has built a path of international experiences participating in events and fairs in the main cities of the world such as New York, London, Las Vegas, Paris, among others.

Diego is also an agent of social change, with led him to found The Mayan Store — Meso which is a company that works in empowering artisans in rural areas of Guatemala, through the design & production of all kinds of hand made products. 




Thomas Bland Architect.jpg

Thomas Dale Bland | Founder Architect & Manager of Planning and Urbanization


Thomas Dale founder architect, has extensive experience in road design and analysis, providing solutions to complex road systems in both private and public space. Thanks to his profitable projects. The understanding of the relationship between public and private space and its proper management has contributed to the success of the projects in which he has participated and managed.

Thomas Dale Bland completed his Architecture studies at the Monterrey Technological Institute, he also holds a Specialization in Urban Planning and Management from the Rafael Landivar University and participated in a Public Transportation Program in Sweden ate the University of Lund with a Followup in Arusha, Tanzania. He has work experience in the public sector, having worked for programs to support urban planning projects, road design & heritage recovery projects.






Juan Olivero Architect.jpg

Juan Olivero | Founder Architect & Manager of Architectural Design


Juan Olivero founder architect, has experience in the development and generation of communities through urban design. With great passion for the development of  spaces of mixed use, housing, residence and commerce.

Juan has acquired the experience and knowledge to deliver unique, sustainable, and profitable projects to our clientes.

Juan Olivero completed his studies of Architect at the Technological institute of Monterrey in Mexico, and also acquired a Master´s Degree in Planning and Urban Management at University Rafael Landivar.

From there Juan has traveled a successful path developing architectural projects and urbanism in the region.

As planning director within the study, Juan has worked and collaborated in both national and international projects delivering exceptional and successful result