Foot pedal looms are typically discarded as obsolete technology when it comes to modern western textile manufacturing and production. But deep in the mountains of rural Guatemala, these looms are the only tools that help support numerous families in the area. Momostenango is located in the central-western part of the county, and it’s been known as a mecca for textile craftsmanship.

After a rough competition with Asian producers and other Latin American countries manufacturing similar products at lower costs, Olivero Studio saw an opportunity to give-back while unleashing the full potential to create beautiful hand crafted products. We have designed ample and modern facilities based on the specific work that is being carried out inside them. By dividing spaces into practical work areas, we’ve broken down the manufacturing process in sections. We also envisioned the culture in our concept, interweaving it throughout our lines and

We believe that by improving and modernizing the processes of raw material, and organizing labor areas, productivity grew exponentially. This gave us a chance to standardize and improve the quality of manufacturing; speeding up times and developing new opportunities.  Growth within the niche is currently creating new job openings and also giving people the chance of learning a craft that will accompany them throughout their lives.

As of our part, we can say that by utilizing the language of design, we have developed a tool to open up these crafters’ minds to creativity and worldly demand.  Funny thing, when you gather a group of artists under the same roof, for a shared experience incorporates different traits and tricks that help facilitate procedures. Besides, we found the added cultural benefit of preserving a beautiful tradition and promoting sustainable livelihoods for indigenous artisans and their families. Impacting their skills and lifestyles comes as a blessing to us, specially since we have partnered up with Save the Children and Feed The Future to continue changing the opportunities locals have to leave behind an extreme poverty situation by collaborating in bringing these communities closer to retailers and fair trade conditions.

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